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          Holly Burks Becker P’06 ’09 ’12 
          Co-Director of College Counseling

          Chris Cunningham P’14 ’18
          Assistant Head Master
          Dean of Faculty

          Pete DeVine P22
          Chief Operations Officer

          G. Blake Eldridge, Jr. ’96
          Dean of Students

          Jeffrey Durso-Finley P’13 ’14 ’19 
          Co-Director of College Counseling

          Ben Hammond P'23

          Chief Financial Officer
          Secretary to the Board of Trustees

          Bruce Kraut ’75 
          Director of Medical Services
          David D. Laws P'21 '23
          Dean of Academics

          Marquis Scott
          Chief Technology Officer
          Maria Mangione 
          Assistant to the Head Master
          Marcia Isaacson

          Samuel G. Washington ’81 H’04 P’14 ’17

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          S.A. Tripp Welborne, III H58 P21
          Director of Athletics

          Erika Worthy P’21
          Director of Human Resources
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